In April 1995 the original El Cardunal Assembly #2381 was chartered.

fullsizeoutput a0cThe El Cardunal Assembly 2381 was chartered in April 1995. It was composed of councils in Elgin (#654) chartered in 1902, Carpentersville (#6248) chartered in 1962, Dundee (#8596) charterted in 1984, and Algoinquin (#11091) chartered in 1992. Later, Huntley (#11666) chartered in 1997, and Hampshire (#13934) chartered in 2002 were added to the Assembly.

The name EL CARDUNAL was derived from and incoporated the communities served by the Assembly: EL denoting the community of Elgin; CAR representing the community of Carpentersville; DUN from the community of Dundee; and AL, representing the community of Algonquin.

The Charter Officers were: Faithful Navigator SK Dennis G.J. Kwain; Faithful Captain SK Paul A. Balsitis; Faithful Pilot SK Rich Pacchini; Faithful Admiral SK Joseph M. DeFrier; Faithful Comptroller SK Terry Peters; Faithful Purser SK Timothy J. Bates; Faithful Scribe SK Joseph A. Nava; Faithful Inside Sentinel SK Gilbert J. Michaud; Faithful Outer Sentinel SK James Bronson; and Faithful Trustees SK Art Lies, SK Frank Irfie and SK Thomas J. McCabe Jr.

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The Assembly had 123 charter members and was responsible for the geographical area previously services by the Bishop Boylan Assembly.

In 2013 the Assembly changed its name from EL CARDUNAL ASSEMBLY to Bishop Arthur J. I'Neill Assembly. When the assembly was formed, we wanted to honor Bishop O’Neill by naming the assembly after him. However, the official Knights of Columbus rules did not allow an assembly or Council to be named after a living person.

The Assembly currently has over 350 dedicated Sir Knights serving the community and their councils and Parishes with pride and dignity throughout the year serving as Honor Guards for our passed Brother Sir Knights and Color Guards at local Parishes and civic parades, and supporting the community, councils and Parishes through charitible outreach programs and funding.

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