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Notice to ALL 4th Degree Members.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About The New FOURTH DEGREE UNIFORM

fourth degree uniformThe Knights of Columbus board of directors unanimously voted to adopt a new uniform for the Fourth Degree. The decision was made with the good of the entire Order in mind. While we understand that some members may prefer the old regalia, the supreme master and vice supreme masters urge all Fourth Degree members to put the good of the Order before any personal preference.

The board decided to make this move based on the following factors:

  • the aging of our Fourth Degree membership
  • the slow growth of the Fourth Degree (fewer than 20 percent of Knights are Fourth Degree members, and only a fraction of that number even serve as honor guards)
  • consistent reports that the old regalia presented a barrier to Fourth Degree membership, especially among younger men

The following FAQ should answer many of the questions that have arisen concerning this change.

Q: Will the new uniform allow the use of ceremonial swords?

A: Yes. Ceremonial swords will continue to be part of the Fourth Degree. When swords are used, gloves should also be used. (see picture above).

Q: How will rank be distinguished?

A: Colored patches will be worn on the beret behind the Fourth Degree emblem as follows:

  • Dark Blue Supreme Master
  • Light Blue Vice Supreme Masters
  • Gold District Masters
  • White Faithful Navigators / Past Faithful Navigators
  • Green District Marshals
  • Purple Color Corp Commanders

Additionally, ceremonial baldrics will be colored for those same Sir Knights.

  • Dark Blue Supreme Master
  • Light Blue Vice Supreme Masters
  • Gold District Masters
  • White Faithful Navigators / Past Faithful Navigators
  • Green District Marshals
  • Purple Color Corp Commander

Those not holding office (who formerly wore red capes) will wear berets with no patch and the Red, White and
Blue ceremonial baldric.

Q: Will there be discounts offered on the new uniform?

A: Yes. Assembly #2381 is offering a reimbursement program to those Sir Knights that purchase the new uniform
and perform Honor Guard/Color Guard at an initial event, signed by the Commander. The Sir Knights will then submit
the Unform Reimbursement Form signed by our Commander and their invoice proof of purchase. The Assembly
will then send a reimursement check to defray the costs of obtaining the new iniform.

Q: Is the Order making money on the new uniform?

A: No, the uniform is being sold at (or sometimes below) our cost.

Q: Was the new uniform field tested prior to its release?

A: Yes. The new uniform was field tested by Fourth Degree members attending the Warriors to Lourdes pilgrimage.

Q: Can the old regalia still be worn?

A: No. The old regalia could only be worn until June 30, 2019. After that date, only the new uniform could be worn.

Q: Who made this decision?

A: The board of directors made this decision earlier this year after a three year period of testing and discussion. In addition, changing the uniform/regalia was previously discussed with the vice supreme masters at the Supreme Assembly.

Q: Did members have input on this?

A: For years, supreme officers and directors have received comments from members and prospective members that the old regalia was a barrier to membership overall, or to membership in the Fourth Degree.

Q: In what context should this change best be understood?

A: During the convention, the Good of the Order Committee stated: “We commend all of the faithful Sir Knights who have proudly worn the Fourth Degree regalia, bringing much respect to the Order. With the new Fourth Degree uniform, recently approved by the Board of Directors, this honor and respect associated with Sir Knights will remain, and it will open the door more widely for a new generation to join their ranks. In a spirit of unity, let us assist with a smooth transition to this new uniform and encourage it to be worn with great dignity and pride.”

Q: Where do I order the new Fourth Degree uniform?

A: At Knights of Columbus Uniform -

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